• Legendary basketballer Shaquille O’Neal has been served in a class-action lawsuit against FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.
• The plaintiffs’ lawyers have had difficulty delivering the court documents outside his house, as O’Neal’s security guards would not let them inside to hand-deliver the legal complaint.
• A judge also denied a motion to allow the lawyers to serve O’Neal electronically.

Billion Dollar FTX Class Action Case

Legendary basketballer Shaquille O’Neal has been served in a class-action lawsuit against FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried by the law firm The Moskowitz Law Firm. On April 17th, they said that they had finally managed to serve him with court documents outside his house and warned him not to destroy or erase any of the security tapes which must be preserved for their lawsuit.

Attempts To Serve

The Moskowitz Law Firm representing thousands of FTX victims who lost their savings in the massive fraud have made attempts to reach O’Neal on several occasions but failed each time. They stood all week outside TNT Studios in Atlanta where he acts as a host, but still could not get inside and hand deliver the documents. They even sent him an email requesting him to simply allow their process servers tomorrow to deliver their legal complaint on his behalf so he can defend himself in this matter, but received no response from him.

Denied Motion To Serve Electronically

Their job became more difficult when just days ago, a judge denied a motion which would have allowed them to serve Shaq electronically. They had previously shared an article by Forbes which discussed how they had tried multiple times using four different service companies but only one chose to evade service – Shaquille O’ Neal himself.

Lawsuit Details

O’Neal was named in a class action lawsuit brought last November by FTX retail investor Edwin Garrison in the US District Court for Southern Florida District . Garrison claimed that he opened an account with now defunct exchange and suffered losses due it being fraudulent and promised unrealistic returns on investments which turned out false. He sued both Samuel Bankman Fried and Shaquille O’ Neal who endorsed its services through his company “SuperWorld App” seeking damages of over $1 billion USD for investors associated with it.


This case is ongoing as we speak and there is yet no resolution between either parties involved whether it be between Edwin Garrison and Samuel Bankman Fried or between The Moskowitz Law Firm and Shaquille O’ Neal who is still avoiding receiving court papers despite numerous attempts made at serving him legally both physically and electronically..

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