In this Quantum Code experience report, you will learn everything you need to know about one of the most well-known crypto exchanges on the market.

Above all, we want to answer the question of whether the provider is really suitable for any type of investor or whether there is important information before opening an account? Apart from the incredibly large selection of cryptocurrencies, what else is there to consider with the Quantum Code offering?

So you can find out everything you need to know about Quantum Code here:

What is Quantum Code?

This year, digital coins are once again on an absolute high. In the last month alone, Bitcoin investors have seen over 30% growth. Buying, selling and also exchanging digital coins is therefore becoming more popular again. This, of course, means that the number of crypto exchanges is constantly increasing. Today, however, we will take a closer look at Quantum Code, one of the cornerstones of crypto exchanges.

Quantum Code is a very well-known crypto exchange that has been on the market since 2012. The extensive offer currently includes 181 different cryptocurrencies!

Quantum Code History

Let’s start at the beginning. What is Quantum Code all about in the first place? Quantum Code is an exchange for cryptocurrencies that was founded in 2012. At that time, it was the first professional trading site for cryptocurrencies. Apart from that, one big feature of the trading platform immediately catches your eye, which is that you can customize it.

Quantum Code focuses on professional traders who already have experience with cryptocurrencies. In addition to a high starting capital (minimum deposit) of $10,000, the deposit and withdrawal with fiat is also made very difficult. There are now over 50 employees working for the company. Time and again, the platform pops up in crypto news on numerous websites. Just about everyone who deals with cryptocurrencies knows Quantum Code.

Above all, however, one stumbles again and again over the “Quantum Code Hack” in which anonymous hackers were able to capture over 120,000 Bitcoin, although this incident already happened a few years ago, but does not really increase the trust in Quantum Code.
Quantum Code offer

Quantum Code Offer

What exactly is behind the offer of Giancarlo Devasini and Raphael Nicolle?

Quantum Code, as already mentioned several times, is aimed at professional traders with a high starting capital. But what kind of offer is provided to professional traders exactly?

Quantum Code LogoThe operators of the website offer the possibility to exchange and trade among themselves an incredible variety of cryptocurrencies (181!). However, one has to deposit digital coins worth 10,000 American dollars before using the trading platform.

The website has a modern design and is easy to understand. In addition, the website offers detailed and well thought-out customization options. The customization options alone once again make it noticeable that the platform is more suitable for experienced traders than for beginners.

In addition, there is an application for mobile devices and the point “security” is also written large at Quantum Code.

Although there is a tutorial through the various contents of Quantum Code, the individual points are not particularly detailed. A high level of knowledge is definitely assumed here.

A small weak point of the Quantum Code offer are the available languages and the support. Currently, the Quantum Code platform is only available in four languages, none of which is German. The support can only be reached via a contact form.

On the other hand, the high trading volume of the website is positive. At the time of our test, the three most traded currency pairs alone record a combined trading volume of over 200,000,000 USD in the last 24 hours. In the last 7 days, the three currency pairs reach almost a trillion USD trading volume.

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