Bullet Points:
• LG Electronics is intensifying its metaverse activities and partnering with Oorbit to allow LG smart TV owners to access virtual worlds.
• LG will enable Blade Wallet users to buy and sell NFTs on LG smart TV devices using the LG Art Lab service.
• LG U+ is partnering with Megazone and Gala Lab to build a metaverse service tailored to university students.

LG Electronics, a South Korean tech titan, is taking a massive leap into the world of metaverse-based experiences. At the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company made several pledges to further its involvement in the space.

One of the major deals announced by LG is with the metaverse operator Oorbit. This deal will enable LG smart TV owners to access interoperable virtual worlds – allowing them to attend virtual concerts via the music and games platform ELYNXIR, and to play AI-powered multiplayer games on the Auxworld platform.

Further, in order to provide users with the ability to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on LG smart TV devices, the company is partnering with Blade Wallet. This will be made possible through the LG Art Lab service, which has previously enabled users of its own crypto wallet, Wallypto, to trade NFTs.

LG has also showcased virtual sports shoes that have been “created using NFT technology,” and designed to be worn in metaverse spaces.

The company’s telecoms arm, LG U+, is also making headway in the metaverse space. The firm has signed a deal with the cloud provider Megazone and the gaming operator Gala Lab, with a view to building “a metaverse service tailored to university students” which is due to launch early next year.

In summary, LG Electronics is taking big steps to bring metaverse experiences to owners of its smart TVs. Through partnerships with different companies and services, the firm will enable users to access virtual worlds, buy and sell NFTs, and even wear virtual sports shoes in metaverse spaces. LG U+ is also taking part in the metaverse revolution, by working on a metaverse service tailored to university students.

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