• The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is looking for a CBDC developer to research the technologies and systems related to central bank digital currencies.
• The job posting requires experience designing, maintaining, and understanding cryptocurrencies, digital payments, and CBDCs.
• Japan and Russia have joined the CBDC race by announcing upcoming pilots.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Seeking CBDC Developer

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has announced a vacancy for a senior application developer – digital currency as part of their efforts to explore the cost and benefits of potential technologies for central bank digital currencies (CBDC). The job description calls for someone with experience in designing and maintaining digital payments, cryptocurrencies, or CBDCs as well as knowledge of cryptographic protocols such as zero knowledge proofs, consensus algorithms, and security. The base salary range is between $110,300 – $176,300.

Other Countries Joining the CBDC Race

Japan and Russia have become the latest countries to join the CBDC race by announcing upcoming pilots. On Friday, Japan’s central bank said it would roll out a pilot program to run experiments on the use of a Digital Yen while Russia’s Central Bank announced they are preparing to launch a pilot on April 1st. A total of 11 countries have launched or are exploring national digital currencies including China, Nigeria, Jamaica among others. In total 105 countries representing over 95% of global GDP are researching or implementing some form of national digital currency.

Benefits & Risks Associated With CBDCs

The introduction of centralized digital currencies could potentially bring significant changes in various aspects such as monetary policy implementation, financial inclusion initiatives for unbanked populations around the world as well as increased privacy protection against money laundering activities among other possible advantages associated with it. However there are also risks associated with this technology such as cyber-security vulnerabilities which should be taken into account before launching any type of public facing system using this technology.

Central Banks Taking Action

To mitigate these risks many central banks around the world have been actively researching different approaches which could help them understand this new technology better and develop systems that can support its implementation when needed. This includes developing example systems related to CBDCs in order to identify improvements that can be made before launching any type public facing system using this technology in production environment.


In conclusion more countries are joining the race towards implementing their own form of centralized digital currency while central banks across the globe continue their research into this new field so that they can ensure its successful launch when required in future without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks associated with it .

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