• Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently halted Bitcoin withdrawals due to high volumes and a surge in processing fees.
• This caused a temporary dip in Bitcoin’s value, with the cryptocurrency last down about 1% to its lowest in nearly a week.
• While Binance temporarily halted Bitcoin withdrawals for the second time due to a significant backlog of outstanding withdrawal requests, OKX reported that its Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal services were still operational.

Binance Halts Bitcoin Withdrawals

Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that it is temporarily halting bitcoin withdrawals citing high volumes and a surge in processing fees. This caused a temporary dip in Bitcoin’s price and led to questions about where BTC is heading now.

Impact on Price

The halt of BTC withdrawals resulted in a marginal loss for the cryptocurrency, with its value dropping to around 1% at its lowest point in almost one week. The high volume of unprocessed transactions prompted Binance to suspend BTC withdrawals for the second time within 12 hours. Despite this suspension, OKX reported that its own Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal services were still functional despite high transaction fees.

Mempool Backlog

At present there are approximately 400,000 transactions waiting in the Bitcoin mempool for processing – with this number increasing to around 485,000 when Binance suspended BTC withdrawals again. These transactions have an estimated collective value of over $5 billion USD – suggesting there was an overflow of requests leading up to Binance’s decision.

Reinstatement of Withdrawals

Following this temporary halt by Binance on bitcoin withdrawals, these services have now been reinstated as of May 8th following their backlog being processed. However it remains unclear whether or not these processes will be able to keep up with future demand from traders – which may lead to further delays or halts if not addressed promptly by exchanges such as Binance.


Although some traders have been spooked by the recent announcement from Binance regarding suspending bitcoin withdrawals temporarily due to high volume traffic and processing fees – it appears that things are back on track as BTC/USD prices remain relatively stable following reinstatement of these services on May 8th . It remains important going forward however that exchanges such as Biance stay ahead of demand so they can ensure efficient trading activity continues unhindered moving forward into future market cycles

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